Have you ever in your life looked in the mirror and said to yourself "I thought I would be further ahead in my career by now"?

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Let me tell you - You are not alone!

I'm here to tell you that you are capable, brave and in control. This dream of yours is closer to reality than you think - not sure exactly what your dream is - don’t sweat it - we will figure it out together.


Have you ever had these thoughts?

  • Time - who has time to look for a new job
  • Advance at my current company - I don’t know how to advance in my current role
  • Change careers now - I have been here for 10 years.
  • I'm frustrated and have no idea what I want to do with my life
  • I have bills to pay - I can’t afford to take any risks
  • I'm tired of getting automatic emails telling me I'm not qualified - when I AM
  • I hate my job but trying to figure out something else is too overwhelming

Maybe you envision...

  • Earning a LARGER salary
  • Having a glamorous job title - Hello Executive Director
  • Making a career change into an area you have always been interested in
  • Getting the competitive edge to advance your leadership potential
  • Leveraging LinkedIn and networking to build the career you have been dreaming about
  • Climbing the corporate ladder
  • Exuding confidence during your interview, a presentation or meetings

Do you want to stop daydreaming and start taking action? Using my proven success formula you will build upon each stage to propel yourself forward and create your career blueprint.

Here is a sneak peek into what we work through together:

  • Discover what you actually want
  • Identify career possibilities 
  • Pinpoint what makes you stand out from the competition
  • Overcome obstacles in your way
  • Nail down your personal brand
  • Step by step plan for taking action 
Dream it

If you have gotten this far:

  • You are ready to take control of your life and start making changes 
  • You are ready to invest the time into yourself that you put into every other area of your life on a daily basis
  • You want to be able to clearly and concisely articulate your value, to a potential employer or your current organization
  • You want to stand out in the job market and not feel like you're just doing what everyone else is doing
  • You are a self-starter with endless determination and can take action 
  • You are a hard worker but you don't know how to present your skills as valuable to an employer

This is not for you if you are continuing to second guess yourself and...

  • You think your career path is out of your control and there is nothing you can do about it
  • You think it is everyone else's fault you are unhappy at work 
  • You think you can’t get ahead in your organization because your boss doesn’t like you 
  • You are lazy and don’t want to put in the work
  • You think everything should be handed to you on a silver platter 
  • You want to ride the wave of mediocrity, making changes requires too much effort

I understand the pain, confusion and anxiety an unfulfilling career can cause. You KNOW you have tremendous potential. You KNOW you could do anything you wanted if you only knew what it was and how to get there.

Let me assure you, you are not alone (though at times it might feel that way). The best investment you can make is in yourself! The key to YOUR success is YOU - now get out of your own way and let’s make it happen!

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Career On Your Own Terms Formula

  • Do you feel stuck in your job and have no idea what to do next?
  • Are you unsure about what you are even qualified to do?
  • Do you think you know what you want to do, but have no idea how to go about it?
  • Have you been tirelessly submitting your resume into a black hole and not getting results?
  • Are you thinking of staying at your company but looking for a different position?

The Career Catalyst Formula has four stages that you will build upon to propel you forward and create your career blueprint:





Whether you stay in a career related to the one you’re in now, or you make a total pivot, we’ll focus on building up your network and get you in a position to land job offers, without having to cut out your morning latte.

What you'll get

  • 6x 50 minute 1:1 coaching calls
  • Unlimited e-mail support
  • Tools, resources, and templates you can implement right away
  • Full accountability partnership
  • Refined personal branding documents
  • Individualized answers for the top 30 interview questions
  • Increased confidence to go after your dreams

I have told clients, colleagues and myself again and again -  you are responsible for your career if you aren’t an advocate for yourself how can you expect anyone else to advocate for you. Coaching programs are many things, but most certainly they are an investment. The best investment you can make is on yourself!

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2 Hour Intensive

Two-hour intensive that may include any or all of the following.

LinkedIn or Resume Audit

An expert review and keyword-optimized suggestions for your resume or LinkedIn profile that sets you apart.

Level Up Wardrobe

2 hours of shopping to find the perfect interview outfit or to refresh your professional wardrobe.


Cover Letter

Customized for 1 application or general cover letter template, will include details on how to tailor for future use.


Interview Preparation

Review of job details, practice interview questions in real-time and provide insight on questions to ask the interviewers.

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