You’re ready to level up and become a powerhouse in your career - your only question is how ? That’s why your here girl - I’m going to show you exactly that.

A Harvard Business Review study showed that one of the top 5 most important factors for getting through tough times and overcoming challenges is having a strong personal and professional support network.

If you’re like most women- you sometimes wonder if you're good enough to be in a leadership role.(TO CONFIRM YOU ARE) 

 I understand you feel alone in your career right now and like there’s no one to turn to for help. 

You’re unsure of what to do, to get to the next level and continue to level up your professional development. 

Look, I know you’ve already worked with a mentor and done the professional development courses on your own. 

 Here’s what most women don’t realize - having a collective community of women behind you working towards the same goals creates huge momentum.  

It can often feel competitie/ tension with women vs collaboration.  For years you haven’t felt like there is a group of women 





I saw client after client BELIEVE that it took many years to build up their career and slowly climb the corporate ladder. . Yet, with the momentum in this group I saw each of them skyrocket.


 If you are like many of my clients they have gone  from stressed and overworked in a role to pivoting into a role that allowed them to have more time back for the things they loved. 

Or maybe you want to pivot and create a new department in your organization. 

That’s why I’m sharing something even more life-changing, than Daring Greatly by Brene Brown.


 I tried to navigate my career on my own, researching endlessly online, reading books and listening to podcasts.  Did I make progress yes but never the leaps I wanted too - something was always missing. When I finally realized what having a mentor and joining a mastermind could do for my development and career - it was literally the catapult to my success that I needed.  I went from job hoping to one soul sucking job to another to being able to strategically increase my leadership skills and network to land a job at my dream company. 

I want to give other women the chance to have the community, coaching and motivation iI had. 




Welcome to the Career Catalyst Mastermind

This is 6 months to achieve a new level of confidence to go after your career and level up your leadership.

 I’ve created a mastermind unlike any other lean in networking circle you have been a part of. There is no stale unengaged mentorship happening here.  

Once you jump into the career catalyst  you’ll:

 Gain the strategies and tactics you need to take your career, mindset and life to the next level

Have immediate access to a community or women to learn from

Whether you’re working full time or part-time, building a side hustle, or looking to develop networking and leadership skills, this community has personally designed training with your needs and challenges in mind.

Career Catalyst is the solution for anyone who is tired of letting their career pass them by and wants to start doing the work for real change while getting top-level support from one of the best career experts.




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  • A one hour session for those who need a refresh of their Cover letter, LinkedIn Profile or Resume.

Venti (Popular)

  • A package that consists of ten 55 minute sessions that can be broken out over 2 - 3 week period, where the PIVOT process will be used to provide a clear strategy on your job search and career path including resume and Lnkedin refresh and email support.


  • A package of two 55 minute sessions for those who know what they want from their career but need help making it happen with specific goals, action planning and support plus email support.

Need a custom plan? Get in touch!

The Triple Shot

VIP day to include interview outfit shopping, resume review, mock interview and follow up, and tips to stand out. In person or virtual.

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