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How a bartender in NYC landed a 6 figure job and became a career coach

I would snooze the alarm, run to work and feel so stressed even though my day barely started. Does this sound familiar?

Nobody seemed to get it -  the crappy commute, the coworkers who you just don’t vibe with or the boss who doesn’t think you are ready for a promotion - you feel stagnant and you know you’re meant for more. Maybe you feel like I used too.

You see other people getting their dream job where they have a great work/life balance and actually be excited when you ask them how work is going. They are making more money to use for travel and have more adventures with their families and friends and wonder how the hell do they do it all? Talk about feeling frustrated, tired and disengaged. All these thoughts make you uncomfortable so you quickly pump your music up and drown them out and think I should just be happy with the job I have.

Having been through a thankless job in a toxic environment with a lack of support and career progression is exactly why I want you to know it doesn’t have to be that way - It’s OK to want more out of your career.

I never thought I would have a corporate job I loved, have the title mama or own my own business - I thought it was all a dream - until it became my reality.

In fact, just a few years ago you could have found me wearing a suit by day exhausted in my windowless cubicle farm and in jeans mixing drinks all night. Each jump up the corporate ladder - I thought I had ‘made it’ yet I still didn’t feel fulfilled. I thought I was supposed to be happy and felt guilty complaining about how much ‘I hated my job’.   I was working 60+ hour weeks living a NIGHTMARE my own adult version of a Goosebumps book. I now understand and accept wanting more growth in your career and finding the job that is right for you is crucial.

When  I finally invested in myself I got the confidence, mindset, and strategy I needed to go after a job at a company I truly wanted to work for and start my own business.  Today you can find me taking conference calls by day and helping women build their dream careers at night all while wrangling a toddler at bedtime, negotiating with a teenager and occasionally having 5 minutes with my husband to watch Netflix.

Ya wanna know what pumps me up? 


No for real - making people feel like their dreams are valid and own the fact that they need to get out of their heads about it and just go for it.  It’s easy to get caught up in what you think you ‘should’ be doing but I’m here to tell you - that you are where you need to be and it's your time -  “you really can do this” 

When I first started my career I had no strategy for finding a job and never even thought about what it might take to become a leader. I had a false preconception, things would just work out if I worked hard … let’s laugh at that one.

I discovered being a hardworker isn't enough you need to have the confidence and clarity to go after what you really want. My"let's get shit done," attitude didn’t seem to be helping me progress. 

Then it hit me! I needed to have a strategy to get where I wanted to go. I needed to start taking risks - BIG RISKS.

Most parents teach their kids lessons in life. I was fortunate enough to have a mom who instilled an insane work ethic and taught me the true definition of strength through her battle with Pancreatic Cancer. Having lost her at a point where I was trying to navigate my professional career really shifted my perspective to what is most important.

Life is too short to have regrets - create a life you love.

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Who doesn’t love the old school Cosmo style quiz ?

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