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Career Catalyst

A 12 Month Group Coaching Program & Mastermind Community

Designed to create clarity on your next career move, provide strategic coaching on how to get there, and step into becoming the CEO of your career.

By Ashley Fernandez, Career Hype Woman & Coach

Are you ready to get the coaching and accountability required to take action and see results?

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You’re ready to level up and become a powerhouse in your career - your only question is how? That’s why you're here girl - I’m going to show you exactly that.

90's Hip Hop and Coffee of course

Stop thinking about what if and just do it!

A Harvard Business Review study showed that one of the top 5 most important factors for getting through tough times and overcoming challenges is having a strong personal and professional support network.

If you’re like most women - you sometimes wonder if you're good enough to be in a leadership role. (TO CONFIRM YOU ARE)

I understand you feel alone in your career right now and like there’s no one to turn to for help. 

You’re unsure of what to do, to get to the next level and continue to level up your professional development. 

Look, I know you’ve already worked with a mentor and done the professional development courses on your own. 

 Here’s what most women don’t realize - having a collective community of women behind you working towards the same goals creates huge momentum.  

It can often feel competitive and a sense of tension with women vs collaboration.  For years you haven’t felt like there is a group of women who truly support your success. 

I saw client after client BELIEVE that it took many years to build up their career and slowly climb the corporate ladder. Yet, with the momentum in this group, I saw each of them skyrocket.

If you are like many of my clients they have gone from stressed and overworked in a role to pivoting into a role that allowed them to have more time back for the things they loved. 

Or maybe you want to pivot and create a new department in your organization.

That’s why I’m sharing something even more life-changing, than "Daring Greatly" by Brene Brown.

I tried to navigate my career on my own, researching endlessly online, reading books and listening to podcasts.  Did I make progress yes but never the leaps I wanted too - something was always missing. When I finally realized what having a mentor and joining a mastermind could do for my development and career - it was literally the catapult to my success that I needed.  I went from job hoping to one soul-sucking job to another to being able to strategically increase my leadership skills and network to land a job at my dream company. 

I want to give other women the chance to have the community, coaching, and motivation I had.


Welcome to the Career Catalyst Mastermind

This is 12 months to achieve a new level of confidence to go after your career and level up your leadership.

I’ve created a mastermind unlike any other lean in networking circle you have been a part of. There is no stale unengaged mentorship happening here.  

Once you jump into the career catalyst  you’ll:

  • Gain the strategies and tactics you need to take your career, mindset, and life to the next level
  • Have immediate access to a community or women to learn from
  • Be able to start taking immediate action to get you to the next level

Whether you’re working full time or part-time, building a side hustle, or looking to develop networking and leadership skills, this community has personally designed training with your needs and challenges in mind.

Career Catalyst is the solution for anyone who is tired of letting their career pass them by and wants to start doing the work for real change while getting top-level support from one of the best career experts.

Julia F.

Working with Ashley has been life-changing not just for my career but for my life. If you put her advice into practice and take action you will get results. I can’t recommend working with her enough.

Christina S.

After working with Ashley I realized what the hype was around hiring a career coach. I have had mentors & peers I went to for advice and guidance but if you are looking to make a change in your career or evaluate where you are then Ashley is the career professional you want in your corner.

If you want to be like Beyonce , remember this...

You know that having the right support and consistent accountability could be exactly what is missing from your career toolkit.

But trying to figure it all out yourself with no support system and community of kickass women can be a dream killer! What you need is access next level leadership. You need a new approach. You need coaching, motivation, and accountability to get the results you are truly after! 

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Want to know the juicy details


One-on-one coaching support


Career Development, Mindset, + more


Intimate group sessions


Proven strategies to make success inevitable


Private group for members


We document and track your goals and wins

 This is for you if 

  • You value personal development and community because you know how critical they are to your career success 
  •  You are open to learning and growing and are fully committed to being the best leader you can be without sacrificing who you are or your life outside of work.
  •  You want to be in the driver’s seat of your career and you can’t wait to actually be excited and energized to go into work every day AND not be exhausted and stressed anymore.

If you also love coffee- that's a bonus 

Wait, Who Am I Again?!

I'm an expert at career transitions and my obsession is guiding others how to align their strengths with their career and trusting themselves to take action! 

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If you are the person who wants to stand out against your peers then this is for you.  

I don’t just talk the talk. My clients have results like :

  • Getting the promotion they have been after for 2 years
  • Building up the confidence to launch their own business with a plan
  • Getting a 10,000 raise after their latest performance review

The Career Catalyst Mastermind is a unique program because there is no one size fits all approach


It’s time to design a career that feels right  to you, not what everyone else is telling you to do.

It’s about finding what leadership looks like for you and making it work for YOU.

I want you to start creating action so that you can create results.

You are someone who knows that you are ready to go after your dreams. You are ready to break through anything that held you back and know you are steps away from being the next level of yourself.  

You’ll love the career catalyst more than I love my morning coffee, and let me tell you that's a tough competition!

One more time, you get to join an exclusive community of ambitious women


1:1 calls

12 x monthly live coaching and training calls 

Unlimited  training, strategies, and tools to reach your next level of success

Customized mentorship 

Weekly Accountability 

A global community of supportive, driven women who are committed to helping you, you could 5x to 20x the speed and size of your results.

Ashley gives you tools & strategies you need to reach next level success.

Laura T.

Ashley is the real deal. Her program provided the clarity I needed for the past 10 years in my job. She helped me create a plan of action that was easy for me to work through. Ashley helped me not only prep for my interview but she made sure I had rock-solid confidence to knock it out of the park.  I landed the job!

Erika Z