Ashley Marie, here!

I’m an expert at career transitions obsessed with showing women how to own their strengths!

A city girl living in the suburbs, connection maker, and mom.

I went from a bartender with big dreams to landing a 6 figure job and became a career coach.  Your dreams are possible too.Learn more here.

Be Bold,

You CAN build a career on your own terms

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Committed to sharing tools, tips, and ideas that will help you create a blueprint for your career

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Give Your Career The Triple Espresso Shot It Needs.

If life feels like the same bland drip coffee each day, I'll show you the gourmet menu of lifestyle options and careers you can have ASAP!

  • Even if you’ve applied to countless jobs and haven’t heard back
  • Even if you’re stressed, unmotivated, disengaged and hate going to work
  • Even if you’ve applied for the promotion and didn’t get it

We’ve been led to think we ‘should’ be happy having any job. The path we are told is...go to school - get a job - be happy you have one. Everyone’s made it seem like you are crazy to want more for yourself.

I get it. You’re an ambitious target loving go-getter, who is always looking for a way to grow personally and professionally and is OVER feeling defeated, unmotivated, and stressed and ready to stop hitting snooze on the alarm and actually be pumped about what you do for a living and actually feel - as happy as you did when you first got your license.

I make sure you have the freedom and money you deserve so that you can finally stop sacrificing your sanity in a job you hate and let go of the stress to go after your quiet dream. Whether that dream is a new job, promotion, or starting a business, you will make more money and be able to spend time with the ones you love.

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Choose Your Own Career Adventure

  • Do you want a free job search and career tools?
  • Click below for access to the career catalyst toolkit.
  • This is more memorable than that time I jumped out of a plan in San Diego

Coaching 1:1
  • In a black hole of job applications and endless promotion conversations, you’re ready for a real deal action plan that gets you where you want to be.
  • That’s why I created the results-based program I wish I’d had years ago

Group Coaching
  • Are you ready to level up and become the powerhouse you know you are? Cheered on by an ambitious group of women who are also excelling in their careers?
  • That’s why I created the Career Catalyst Mastermind
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If you have gotten this far:

  • You are ready to take control of your life and start making changes 
  • You are prepared to invest the time into yourself that you put into every other area of your life daily
  • You want to stand out in the job market and not feel like you're just doing what everyone else is doing

This is not for you if you are continuing to second guess yourself and...

  • You think your career path is out of your control and there is nothing you can do about it
  • You believe it is everyone else's fault you are unhappy at work 
  • You think everything should be handed to you on a silver platter 

I do this because I love it.

My business is built on love and dedication. I am a 'doer' who believes in relentlessly exploring what's possible. I'm dedicated to helping my clients invest in themselves and see that taking a risk on themselves is the one that matters most. 

How I Roll

Ashley Marie

Believe everything is possible

It doesn't matter what career you want, to what life you want to create. To believe it's possible is half the battle. That with humility, passion, and focus -- we can make just about anything come to life.

Trust is everything

I mean what I say and am always honest, even thru the 'tough' conversations.

I've got your back
Anything I recommend is because I truly, genuinely believe in it. I will always be in your corner and want what is genuinely best for you.

I appreciate my clients

You're the reason Ashley Marie Coaching exists, and I am obsessive about client happiness, responding to emails, and working non-stop to make sure you feel as valued, respected, and appreciated as you truly are.

I'm not for everyone

I am a straight shooter, who sees things through a practical lens with an unstoppable sense of optimism. There is no sugar coating here. If you don't want to put in the work and think everything should be handed to you, then this is not for you. I take my work, family, and commitment to you seriously.



'Ashley is a powerhouse of strategy and a career genius'

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